Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Milford CT


  • Shoulder pain that radiates down the side of your arm

  • Significant pain when lifting items over head

  • Pain when you sleep on the injured or sore shoulder

  • Pain when you press on the site where the tendon meets the bone

  • Weakness and tightness in your shoulder and muscles

  • Constant, and at times severe, shoulder joint pain

  • Restricted motion of the shoulder joint

Chronic shoulder tendonitis refers to degenerative tissue in one or more of the tendons at the top of the upper arm bone (humerus). Sometimes the tendon causes pain; in other cases calcification can restrict movement in the shoulder.


The effects of ESWT are best documented in areas of changes in tissue density, such as those where the tendon attaches to a bone (enthesiopathies) and where the bone attaches to a ligament (desmopathies). For this reason, it is very effective for painful connective tissue and joint pain in the shoulder.


Additionally, ESWT gives new hope by relieving pain, eliminating risk factors associated with surgery and allowing people to resume their normal lives and activities.

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